How To Defeat OCD By Surrendering

How To Defeat OCD By Surrendering
By Fred Penzel, Ph.D.

Over the years, I have watched my OCD patients putting great amounts of emotional, mental, and physical energy into the struggle against their symptoms. OCD, as we know, is especially characterized by doubt, and they seemed to believe that there just had to be a way to overcome their crushing doubts and the severe resulting anxiety. They usually did this by trying to achieve perfect certainty in one way or another. They had to get their compulsions ‘just right’ to make sure that something bad had not already happened, wasn’t happening now, or wouldn’t happen in the future. Unfortunately, they had all overlooked the major flaw underlying these attempts, which was that there is no such thing in life as perfect certainty. It is quite understandable why someone with OCD would do this. You might say it is instinctive to try to be perfectly certain in an uncertain and potentially threatening situation.

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