The Wounded Healer

Very insightful!

Life Coaching with Diana: Empower and Transform

As someone who works in the field of Psychology, I think that it is so important to find a therapist, counselor, life coach that can really resonate with you. I do not feel that any amount of education compares to life experiences.

Who better to understand and help you through your challenges then someone who has gone through it themselves. There are so many factors to consider when helping people but the most important one is to have compassion. Compassion comes from having to have lived it yourself and then overcoming it. A person could have gone through a similar situation but if they have not healed from it, they have not reached compassion.

I remember a client who was getting over a broken heart. She decided to stay with her sister instead of going back home with her mother where she lived. After a week, the sister could not…

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