Phillip Phillips – Tell Me A Story Lyrics: On Hope

Phillip Phillips, you’ve done it again, you’ve gotten inside my head. I absorb much of your music, I absorb this song. I willingly take this in, only wish I could say the same for others. Some people get it, some people don’t. I’ll tell you a story, it’s just gonna take some time…

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The Key to Healing is Accountability

OMG. I am so with you in this one, to the point where I may be beating myself up! I totally agree and I’m in this position right now with a specific situation in my life. I don’t look at it as its the other person’s fault, it’s mine! My actions, my behaviors, and my choices that got me where I am, NOBODY ELSE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY DISASTERS EXCEPT ME! Thank you again for your helpful insights. I think coaching would be a great choice for you. You have what it takes!

Life Coaching with Diana: Empower and Transform

Healing is such a powerful experience! Once you have healed, you become enlightened and stronger.  It is hard for you to go backwards. I remember how long it took me to heal from a broken heart. It was 7 years before I finally decided I was not going to put anymore energy into the situation.  I stopped pointing fingers at the other person and started looking at myself.  Not many people can do this.

When someone has been hurt, they spend a lot of time pointing fingers at the other person and explaining in detail how that person hurt them and why they dislike them so much.  But what almost never occurs is someone who says to me, ” I want to heal from a broken heart and it is my fault for allowing this.”

Healing requires you to contemplate your values and how well you live by them.  If…

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