Thoughts at the Moment #1

Either I feel like I can’t breathe or I feel like I’m breathing too hard…If I don’t express myself I feel as though I’m barely breathing at all! I’m getting pushed and pulled in so many directions and from so many directions! I can only do so much people. And no matter what I say or do “I’m damned if I do damned if I don’t!” What do you want from me? If I express myself I’m wrong, if I hold it in I’m wrong…what’s right? I mean what’s right for ME, NOT EVERYONE ELSE? Give me a break while I’m trying to straighten out my life and worry about myself, because if I don’t do that then I’m useless to all of you! And I’ll handle things the way I see fit for the moment LIKE IT OR NOT! I’m doing the best I can and that’s all that matters!

6 thoughts on “Thoughts at the Moment #1

  1. Angela,

    You are spot on. Self-care is not an option and self-first is not selfish.
    I have anointed myself a Self-care Coach… too many of us women put ourselves on the bottom of the third page of our to do lists. I’m standing strong with you!

  2. Angela, I think you’re on the right path. Recognizing you need to care and repair yourself first is a very sane way of dealing. Some people (let’s call them “the standards”) don’t quite seem to understand what it’s like when you’re brain has melted on you and you need to rebuild it. They don’t get that it’s very much a rebuilding, a reconstruction process. And it is indeed a process. It takes time, trial, error, learning and growth.

    I think you definitely on your way there. And thanks for sharing the process.

    • Thank you! It’s refreshing to see that ‘some people’ actually DO understand what I’m going through. And, it’s amazing to me that complete strangers can have more empathy and insight on it than some of the people I’m around on a regular basis! I’m really trying, and I appreciate that you guys actually hear me and understand what I’m saying. Thanks again:)

      • You’re most welcome. Thank YOU for sharing and letting things out. Always remember that only about 1 person out of 10 will like or comment, despite posts being of interest to them. It’s always good to see others struggle the same way we do. Not because we’re happy to see them struggle but because it allows us to relate, to feel that we’re not alone. Great thing we live in the age of internet and blogs, right? 🙂

      • Yes! I agree with you completely and I have really enjoyed my time on WordPress so far. I especially love how people are so open and honest about their specific situations. And it’s a huge help when you’re dealing with a lot!

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