Thoughts at the Moment #7

When all else fails and you feel like there’s no coming back, no hope, and all you want to do is give up, pray, just pray like you’ve never prayed before…pray that life can be good again someday…just someday…pray that everything you’ve ever worked hard for in your life doesn’t go to waste…

I’ll be back…

2 thoughts on “Thoughts at the Moment #7

  1. I send things out in the universe. When all goes to crap, when nothing makes sense anymore, I take a moment to ask, either out loud or in my head: “Universe! Where do I go from here? I need help!” Maybe it’s just the vocalizing it, maybe it does have an effect, but usually a path appears. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes days. Thankfully, life always goes back to making sense again. I hope you’ll feel the same way soon too.

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