“Forgiveness IS Divine!!”

Free Yourself!

Most of us hold onto wrongs we’ve done and the wrongs others have done to us.

Most of the time holding on only lasts as long as the emotions last, but for some of us, these “hard feelings” can last long after the feelings have subsided.

This is where the phrase “Holding a Grudge” rears its ugly head. Holding a grudge can quite literally destroy relationships, friendships, and even lives!


To forgive ones actions towards you is to let go of the emotional grudge attached to those actions. But we can’t forget that sometimes we hold ourselves in contempt to a much more severe degree than we hold others!

Sometimes we decide we are just unforgivable altogether, and in doing so, we end up sabotaging our own relationships, friendships, and lives from having the most basic happiness that life can afford us.

We tend to hold…

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